Past Tense Walks

Links to some radical history/herstory/ourstory walks we have put together (or have discovered devised by others & blatantly stole), around various areas of the city we live in, love in, struggle to transform… Hoping to retread them again in real space, soon.
We’ll add to this as & when we can…


Trespass the New River 

A radical wander down North London’s longest aqueduct

A companion walk to this post on the creation of the New River, Water use, Moral Economies, and more in early modern London


‘Dung, Guts and Blood’

A wander up the lower reaches of London’s Fleet River.

Devised 2008-9


‘Zone of Transition’

A radical history walk around Spitalfields and Brick Lane.

Devised 2008.


Radical Deptford and New Cross

During the 2001 Mayday Festival of Alternatives Neil Gordon-Orr led a merry dance round this South East London heartland, braving threats from dodgy Millwall fans, occasional monsoons and the A2. A walk bursting with rebellion and great music.


‘A Shabby London Suburb?’

A walk around the radical & working class history of Hammersmith

From the legendary West London Anarchists & Radicals, first walked in May 2001.


Bloomsbury Hidden Ourstories

In April 2006 we rambled around Bloomsbury, and discussed its radical past, with barely a mention of literary nonsense.

We’ve split this into two walks for ease of walking and thematic dynamics, as things had got very long:

A Wander in Bohopia

A Radical History Walk around Bloomsbury (Part 1)


Virtue Among Equals

Bloomsbury Radical Herstory, (Walk Two)

But: here’s the original shorter walk from 2006


‘Rare Doings at Camberwell’

A Wander around some of the radical history of London SE5

First walked in June 2006.


Common Land and Squatting in London Fields, Hackney

A Historical Wander

A walk created in July 2011, around London Fields and Central Hackney…

A start towards mapping squatting over the whole borough?


Notes Towards a Women’s Walking Tour of the East End

Gratuitously reprinted from Spare Rib and Our Sisters London