Get your copy of the 2018 London Rebel History Calendar… the disorderly antidote to Xmas jumpers…

Well, the nights are fair drawing in… The winter sun hangs low in the sky, weak 11 watt energysaving bulb-like… The weary party-circuit jades… 

Oh yes, the season of Gin and Wondering What to Buy for Difficult Family Members is upon us again…

No better time that to purchase your copy of the 2018 London Rebel History Calendar!!!

It does makes a crackin’ stocking filler, a gift for a grumpy old great-aunt,

oh yes, it is now available! hot, rude and riotous.

Rebellious, subversive and campaigning anniversaries from London’s radical history…for every day of next year… handprinted by

It can be bought online on our website, where it can be yours for only £6 plus £3 postage and packing.

It is also on sale in around 30 radical and independent bookshops and other spaces around London. Email us if you would like a list at

and will be buyable from AK Distribution

and Active Distribution

Why not help distribute the Calendar? If you would like a bundle to sell to friends, stroppy grandparents, fellow churchgoers and workmates, we would happy to supply some at a discount, to make if worth your while… just get in touch with us…



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