Public History Discussion Group: ‘Blind Dates: Compiling & Producing the London Rebel History Calendar

For various reasons past tense has been a bit quiet recently, been concentrating on producing the 2017 London Rebel History Calendar, so for those of you who have missing our blog posts, apologies for the recent radio silence… Soon as our heads are screwed back on we’ll get it back up and running.

Meanwhile, here’s an event next week we are part of… hope some of you can come along:

Public History Discussion Group

Saturday 26 November

11 am tea and coffee, room 609
11:30 talk

Room 209 Institute of Archaeology, UCL 31-34 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PY

‘Blind Dates: compiling and producing the London Rebel History Calendar’

Alex Hodson from Past Tense, a collective project that explores working class, social, subversive and underground history and geography in London Autumn 2017 sees the publication of the 4th edition of Past Tense’s London Rebel History Calendar, with radical, subversive and inspiring anniversaries for every day of the year from London’s turbulent past… Who produces it? How is it compiled? How is it being extended into ‘new technologies’? Alex Hodson sheds some light on research, production methods, and some of the pitfalls of the Calendar’s format.

The 2017 London Rebel History Calendar is of course available now: buy it online here

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